Try Phentermine To Lose Weight After Pregnancy


Many people are discovering the amazing weight loss pill known as Adipex-P or its various other forms like Phentermine (generic). If you look up some Adipex reviews, you will begin to see the dramatic success stories that many people have had with this medication. Read on to find out just how Adipex may help you shed the unwanted fat left over from pregnancy.

Adipex-P is a name brand medication. Another generic form of this medication is Phentermine HCL. Adipex-P is prescribed to individuals who are considered obese and whose weight may be a risk factor for their overall health. Morbid obesity can create very serious health complications. It can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and even early death. Don’t let the negative effects of obesity steal your health and your happiness. Talk with your doctor today to see if Adipex-P is right for you.

Phentermine To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Adipex-P is available through prescription only. You can not get this medication over the counter. There are many websites that market Adipex-P without a prescription, but this is not only an illegal method of obtaining this drug, it is also very dangerous. Anyone marketing Adipex online is doing so illegally, and there is no way to be sure what ingredients are in the pills they are selling. If you are interested in this drug after reading Adipex reviews, then you should consult with your primary care physician to see if you are a viable candidate for this prescription. As you may know, Adipex is not a “miracle cure” for obesity. You must make substantial lifestyle changes if you want to lose weight with Phentermine/Adipex. Along with your medicine, your doctor will prescribe lifestyle changes that include a dramatic decrease in the number of calories that you consume every day. They will also prescribe an increase in physical activity. This means working out regularly, ideally five or six days per week. This is the only way that you will find success with this drug.

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After Pregnancy

Many women have an extremely difficult time losing weight after having a baby. It can be even more difficult with a new and stressful schedule, constant worry about the baby, no time for exercise, and no time to prepare healthy meals. Fast food becomes a viable option. Lack of exercise is just what has to be done due to no time…or is it? Adipex reviews all over the internet suggest otherwise! Many women have started taking this prescription medication after birth and breast feeding and have seen dramatic results.

Keep in mind, this prescription also comes along with a prescription for lifestyle changes that include a reduction in daily caloric intake as well as an increase in exercise. Luckily, you can get great exercise by strapping that kid up into a stroller and getting outside with them! This is also healthy for your baby. While it can be difficult to find extra time with a young infant or child, it is important that you find the time to exercise while taking Adipex-P, or you will be lacking in results. Another important factor that can be difficult with a child is making sure that you get enough sleep. Some individuals find it difficult to sleep with the use of Adipex and add in a crying baby at all hours of the night, it can become impossible. However, you want to at the very least try to get a decent night’s sleep of at least seven hours while taking Adipex-P to lose weight.

Breast Feeding

There has not been any research to determine whether or not Adipex-P is passed along to a child through the process of breast feeding. For this reason, doctors recommend that women who are breast feeding DO NOT use Adipex-P or any of its other forms. You should also not take this drug while pregnant. Talk with your doctor if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or plan on becoming pregnant. This will affect your candidacy to take Adipex to lose weight. There is nothing worth risking the safety of your baby over. You can try natural methods for weight loss while pregnant and breast feeding, then speak with your doctor about getting a prescription after you have stopped breast feeding your child.


Lindsey is a 31 year old mother of two. After her first child, she had a hard time losing the extra weight from her pregnancy. She had gained even more weight with her second child and was dreading the aftermath this second time around. And just as she suspected, she was having an incredibly hard time losing the extra fat after her second birth. She spoke with her doctor, feeling that her weight was becoming a health risk for herself. She was curious about taking a weight loss drug after reading Adipex reviews online. She also wanted to be healthy and active for her kids. She wanted to make sure that she would be around for them to grow up and have children of their own. She wanted to make sure that she could lose the weight needed to be around to be a grandmother and even great grandmother. Her doctor talked with her about her options with Adipex-P/Phentermine. He told her that it may be a viable option once she was done breast feeding. So, Lindsey decided to wait several months then went back and spoke with her doctor again. Given that she was no longer breast feeding, her doctor gave her the prescription and she couldn’t be happier with the results. During her time taking Adipex-P, she began to lose weight much more easily. She felt she had much more energy, leaving her able to take care of her children, her home, and still have the energy to get in the necessary exercise to lose weight while taking this medication. Her confidence got a major boost and she now considers herself a “hot mom.” The best part for Lindsey is that this is not a permanent medication. The average schedule lasts around eight to twelve weeks. She stated that after she stopped her prescription, her dedication while taking it helped her to stay active and to keep her calorie count down. She is now able to manage her weight naturally thanks to a few short months on Adipex-P. You can do it, too! Talk with your doctor today to find out if Adipex-P is right for you. Best of luck to you in your weight loss pursuit. You can do it!

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