5 Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits of ActivatedYou Probiotics


What Probiotics can do for You Right Now!

Would you believe there is an all-natural supplement that can, not only enhance your complexion and fight those troublesome skin defects, but also reverse and negate the effects of aging? AcivatedYou Probiotics can do all of those things and more! So, just what is a probiotic and how can these supplements help you to live  healthy, satisfied, more well-adjusted life? Probiotics stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms and better assist unhealthy microbiota to become helpful to your body once more. From boosting brain power, to better enhancing the maturation of bones and skin, Probiotics can offer you the opportunity to age gracefully and live your life to the fullest!

Though many employee probiotics to allow their gut microbiota to better heal after experiencing digestive or intestinal issues, there are a multitude of positive health benefits to Probiotics, and the incredible products offered by ActivatedYou can assist you in achieving your best self today! More and more, researchers are discovering that Probiotics could be a powerful asset in preventing damage to your body that comes with the aging process. Below, we’ll take a look at five of the amazing anti-aging benefits that Probiotics can offer you.

Clearer and More Youthful Skin Tone

Our skin is one of the first parts of our body to become effected by the aging process. As we grow older, skin begins to grow thin, and as a result, wrinkling and sagging can occur. The reasons for this aging are multiple and can include both genetic and environmental contributors, such as the sun and inherited conditions. Researchers have begun to find that Probiotics can greatly aid in the reduction of aging effects on the skin, even going so far as to rectify damaged caused by the sun. A 2010 study by the Journal of Dermatology linked Probiotics with decreasing drying skin and wrinkles.

Improvement of Cognitive Functions

Cognition decline is one of the most devastating effects of the aging process. With Alzheimers disease, Dementia, and other cognitive debilitating ailments effecting millions worldwide, many go into their golden years suffering from the loss of memory, cognition, and critical thinking abilities. Probiotics have been shown to greatly assist in improving cognitive skills in any age group, and in protecting those attributes throughout the aging processes. A Kashan University of Medical Sciences study from 2016 has shown that after being treated with a Probiotic supplement, Alzheimer’s sufferers were able to score higher on memory tests.

Helping to Stop Chronic Inflammation

As the aging process begins to take effect, often times chronic inflammation sets in on different parts of the body, making it hard to live your life in the way you deserve. But, have no fear! ActivatedYou is here to get you back on your feet without the pain and discomfort of inflammation taking away from the richness of your day to day adventures. Probiotics have been attributed to helping stop inflammation in it’s tracks. In 2014, a Rhumethoid Arthritis study found that a Probiotic supplement decreased inflammation leading to less pain associated with a variety of ailments that occur with aging.

Bone Loss Prevention

Metabolism is one of the many bodily systems effected by the aging process. Throughout our lives our body metabolizes calcium to help in healing and creating new bone. As we age, this system slows naturally, and can be affected even more by bone diseases such as Osteoporosis, which can impact your body’s ability to create new bone, or create too much, or both. Probiotics greatly assist in the metabolism of calcium to prevent bone loss during aging. A study published by the European Journal of Medicine found that milk fermented with Probiotics was effective in increasing calcium intake in the study’s participants.

Encourage Diversity in Microbiota

During aging, the microbiota in our digestive system lowers in diversity, which has, in turn, been shown to greatly impact our health. Diabetes, obesity, and several different bowel diseases have all been associated with a lower microbiota diversity count. If this diversity goes unimproved throughout our lives, the chances of contracting these ailments increases exponentially. By beginning a Probiotic supplement, Activatedyou can promote microbiota diversity and ultimately improve our overall health.

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